General Commander of Branches of the Polish Armed Forces Lt Gen. Wiesław Kukuła will be hosted at Krynica Forum 2023

Lt Gen. Wiesław Kukuła, General Commander of Branches of the Polish Armed Forces, will feature in the panel ‘Poland in the face of war in Ukraine. Challenges, predictions, and the new security strategy’, scheduled for 14 September at 11 am on the main scene of Krynica Forum 2023.


In the panel, he will be joined by Michał Marek, PhD, from the Contemporary Security Environment Research Centre Foundation, Grzegorz Ocieczek, PhD, a former vice-director of the Internal Security Agency and Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Kamil Pachecki, an expert in military matters from the Jagiellonian Club, and others. Panel participants will ponder in what way the experience of Russian aggression in Ukraine should influence the operation of Polish institutions responsible for security.

Lt Gen. Wiesław Kukuła (born 16 March 1972 in Częstochowa) began his military service in 1992 as an officer cadet in Zegrze’s Military Communications Officer School, which he graduated from in 1996. In the same year, he was promoted to the junior officer rank – second lieutenant – and was appointed to the service in 1st Special Commando Regiment, where he progressed from a platoon commander to chief of communications all the way to chief of staff. In 2003, he was sent to serve in the Polish Military Contingent as part of the multinational stabilisation forces in Iraq. The same year, he graduated from the Military University of Technology with a master’s degree in electronics and telecommunications studies. In 2006, he was appointed to the position of chief of command and communications division in the Special Operations Command of the General Staff of the Polish Army, later reformed as Special Forces Command, where he was deputy chief of staff. There, his responsibilities included programming the development of Special Forces. In 2012, he was moved to Lubliniec, where he assumed the command of the Commando Military Unit (JWK). In 2016, he was appointed as Commander of the Territorial Defence Forces.

On 29 November 2019, he received the nomination for the brigadier rank from the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, and on 1 August 2018 he was appointed to the rank of major general. In January 2020, the President of Poland granted him the act of appointment to the next term of the Territorial Defence Forces Commander. While commanding the Territorial Defence Forces, he was in charge of the operations Resilient Spring, Enduring Resilience, and Strong Support. On 5 November 2021, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. On 6 February 2023, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda appointed Lt Gen. Wiesław Kukuła to the post of the General Commander of Branches of the Armed Forces.

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